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motel in michigan city

Motel Amenities

Contact Info


3221 W Dunes Hwy
Michigan City, IN 46360
Tel: 219 872 9131
       219 872 9132
Fax: 219 210 3895

We Accept
motel in michigan city

Welcome To Our Website

Al & Sally's Motel welcomes you to enjoy the warm hospitality and pleasant environment in Michigan City. Whether you are with your family, friends or your group we provide you with neat and clean rooms to accommodate the number you come with.

The rates we offer are fairly reasonable and are sure to come under your budget. Other amenities include television, attached bathroom etc. We are dedicated to provide prompt and friendly service. We are sure to meet all your requirements and get satisfied with the service we provide.

Motel Features

michigan city motels

Al & Sally Motel has an swimming pool. Complementary wireless internet access is in the public area. Television with cable line and free fax services also.

motel in michigan city